Selection Criteria for Master in Dental Surgery Programs

Every year many students pursuing BDS wait eagerly for the dates of entrance exams for MDS. Online routes are always of great help for them and suggest the related information. Visiting some famous educational sites is recommendable because you can gather all the important news related to your course any time and from any were in the world. Browsing the Internet and you are with numerous online portals which mainly focus on educational material in your own country or in foreign shores. Those who want to advance further in dentistry science, get their names enrolled in esteemed MDS colleges in India and abroad to come up a rung or two in the ladder. Internet helps them tremendously in this regarding and they can be updated with the latest developments in admission process without having to leave their place and interrupting in their studies.

For post graduate programs in dentistry discipline, students need to qualify in the entrance exam conducted by a respective college. Exam is based on the multiple choice questions with single best answer. The questions are asked from the subjects pursuers have taken in their BDS program. This way, entrance for MDS analyzes a student’s basic subject knowledge from his/her previous term to select for the best suited material for the highest academic program in dental science. Masters in dental surgery enables one to become a certified dental surgeon or specialist. In order to earn the post graduate degree in dentistry, seekers have to complete their BDS from a recognized college. The institution must be accredited by Dental Counsel of India DCI which is the regulatory body for dental programs in various universities and colleges in India. Graduated students can apply for the MDS curriculum by filling in a form of entrance exam.

Considering the various educational sites on internet will make you aware of the selection procedure for MDS program of any university in India. The eligibility criteria set by DCI includes BDS degree or an equivalent qualification recognized by the DCI. The age at the time of MDS admissions should be twenty one years. Merit of the candidate secured in entrance for MDS ensures admission to masters in dental surgery program. All India Common Entrance Test AICET is a common entrance examination which is held by various nationwide universities or certain agencies specified by University Grant Commission UGC, New Delhi.

Once the entrance for MDS is cleared, students are allowed to get admission to MDS course in their choice of universities. The course duration for MDS is two or three years which fosters research skills, advanced clinical skills and skills that develop the analysis power to identify the critical cases. These all learning are considered as the essential requirements for a registered dental specialist which are imparted to the seekers through well-structured MDS courses in some of the best MDS colleges in India. Job opportunities are numerous after MDS and cover a broad spectrum of professional areas, such as hospitals, health centers, bio medical companies and the likes.

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NEET-2013: An Overview on Admission Procedure to Post Graduate Level Medical Education

NEET is a National Eligibility cum Entrance Test which is conducted across India for selection of suitable candidates to MD/MS and various post graduate /undergraduate courses in medical discipline. Government of India has established National Board of Examinations NBE in the year of 1975 in order to improve the quality of medical education. The board is responsible for maintaining the uniformity and high standard of medical education in modern medicine and capacity building. This is also notified to conduct examinations for Indian nationals with foreign medical education to issue them licences to practice in Indian Territory. And this is the regulatory body which conducts NEET exams at PG and PD level. This entrance exam is considered as the single entrance examination for various post graduate and undergraduate level courses under the influence of Post Graduate Medical Regulations which is notified by Medical Counsel of India and approved by Ministry of Home and Family Welfare, Government of India.

NEET was proposed to be implemented since 2012 and onwards, but due to several reasons CBSE and Medical Counsel of India have postponed it for a year. Now, NEET 2013 is going to be conducted for the first times on May 5th, 2013 on all India bases. NEET is qualifying cum ranking test which is pursued by students who want to take up undergraduate medical courses MBBS and dental programs BDS or MD/MS/Diploma courses in any public/private medical colleges in India. NEET UG will be held by CBSE and it will replace all medical entrance exams like All India Pre Medical Test AIPMT or other individual MBBS entrance exams conducted separately by various India states. Students serious for BDS entrance can also appear for NEET UG 2013 to get admission in dental colleges in India. The test will be based on objective type questions with ¼ negative marking, i.e. four marks for each correct answer and one mark would be deducted for a negative response.

NEET PG was held for the first time during 23rd November to 6th December last year. But the All India Institute for Medical Sciences AIIMS is yet to conduct this exam in order to fill in their seats with the best brains for various postgraduate disciplines in medical sciences. The proposed date for NEET PG conducted by AIIMS is 13 January 2013,which is looming around the corner. Students can seek all the related info from the Medical Counsel of India website.

As far as the syllabus is concerned, NEET UG curriculum is already announced by Medical Counsel of India in the year of 2011 and out for aspirants. It is available on the Medical Counsel of India website. Students appearing for BDS entrance or entrance test for many other medical courses at undergraduate level can o through the website for the most relevant info on various parameters in concern with the upcoming single entrance test nation wise. The program for NEET PG is that of MBBS and is decided by the MCI in 1997. It would be online on MCI portal in due course and students can get information about distribution of questions, model test papers and the method of cracking these online queries in order to get the ranking. Visiting this website will keep you updated.

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MDS Course Structure in Dental Colleges in India

Dental colleges which provide MDS are offering MDS courses in various disciplines. Students, want to advance further in dentistry science, are invited to get in to a discipline as per their interest and career objectives. Course contents being conferred in any of these colleges are in accordance with Dental Counsel of India as this is the governing body which is responsible for maintaining the course quality and level of universities all across the nation.

MDS course session is normally commenced in May every year and there are total twenty eight seats in every college are available of which twelve are filled in through All India Postgraduate Medical Examination, twelve through State’s Postgraduate Medical Examination and remaining four are blocked up through Government of India nominees. Dental colleges for MDS award the higher academic degree in dental science after two to three years to the students who have cleared all the levels of examination. MDS degree is awarded to eligible candidates only who have registered BDS degree and submitted a thesis after thirty six months of admission to MDS.MDS examination consists of four written papers – clinical and practical and an oral examination.

Although, the areas of studies depend upon the type of university or college, mainly MDS course is offered in following disciplines:




Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery,

Operative Dentistry, &

Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry

So, it totally depends upon student’s choice which specialization he/she wants to join in. Master in dental surgery is academic degree which increases the competency for research methodology and is the clinical proficiency in the subject matter. Dentistry is a very lucrative profession which deals into infection and disease in mouth, gums, and teeth.

MDS degree awarded by MDS colleges in India develops the skills in advanced dental care and correction. It enables the registered practitioners to take care of oral cavity, its hard and soft tissues and all related diseases.

Becoming a certified dentist, you can help others in maintaining their oral health. In India, it is strictly required to aware masses about dental hygiene and care that are still in great need of services of qualified specialists. Career after MDS has infinite possibilities and opens doors to several overseas medical centers, nursing homes and dental hospitals. In our country too, a qualifies dental practitioner can join a number of areas a few of them are hospitals, laboratories, medical centers, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies, policlinics, research institutes, dental clinics, dental equipment manufactures and so on.

MDS degree holders can start working as dental assistant, dental hygienist, dental surgeon, dental chemist/lab technicians, forensics, oral pathologists, medical representatives, professors, private practitioners, and public health specialists and can serve the mankind. Various mouth infections and diseases seem nothing but may be dangerous if ignored. Timely take care and treatment can prevent infections from getting harmful. These registered dentists can be contacted for complete take care.

Sometimes, you need to contact a dentist to remain your face beauty intact and unaffected from any injury or defects you were born wit. In such condition only a dentist can take you out from problems and make you smiling always.

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Get MDS Degree in India

Most, if not all are,getting admission in dental collegesin India to attain higher academic degree in the field of dentistry realizing the fact that it is no longer sufficient to obtaining a general BDS degree in the same sector. In order to go deeper in to this discipline, master in dental surgery is the required qualification which sets you in a reputed position in this branch of medical science.This degree opens up numerous opportunities before seekers to receive relevant knowledge and required training to pursue a sparkling career in this arm of medical sciences.

Since the MDS addresses multiple side of dental care, students come across various theoretical and practical side of this field and learn how to treat many problems related to teeth, gums and mouth. They are taught to handle various apparatus used in dental surgeries and other specific treatments, also the intricacies associated to these apparatus. Dental scholars are brought to know about the proper drug management and administration, moreover, are learnt the effect of various drugs on human body. Dental colleges in India offering world recognized dental curriculums which are conferringto studentsall the essentials related to this field in detail to make seekers certified dental surgeons in this field.

Master in dental surgery is an high level program that not only includes the core knowledge based on various subjects and practical side but also proper exposure to latest developments in technologywhich is maintained by a close liaisonwith medical community and professional dental association.Master in dental surgery makes students extend their academic degree just after bachelordegree in the respective arena. This also opens the door of another opportunity and it is pursuing Ph.D.programs in dentistry – the highest academic degree in this arm of medical science.Through an intensive program in dentistry, MDS garners the essential working experience before students get ready to attachwith various dental treatment centers and health care units. Would-be dental surgeons enter the discipline with all the workingknowledge, practical and clinical experiences learnt in dental colleges in our country.

It is required to learn if the dental colleges for MDS in India are affiliated to local education authority or are certified with professional dental association before deciding to join in a college. Dentistry in recent few years has become the most promising sector in medical science with a number of job opportunities even for freshgraduates in dentistry. Dental surgeonshave a bright career in cosmetic dentistry as well as pediatric dentistry. Dental assistant, dental hygienist, and dental insurance consultants are other jobs which are growing in huge numbers. The higher will be the degree the higher will be the chance for you to get a reputed job in this discipline of medical sciences.

Indian dental colleges are delivering the specially designedprograms whichget students the good exposure to latest developments in dentistry. These are notable for imparting the best subject based knowledge and lab/clinical experiences to seekers which is required for becoming a certified dental practitioner in the field.

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Dental Colleges For MDS(Master Of Dental Surgery)

A dental surgeon is a technical person who able to solve human oral problems by his knowledge and using the machinery parts incorporated with that science. Usually he did this impossible without any cutting or removing any part from patient’s mouth. Nobody can live without food and that is the reason dental education is one of the profitable professions in our country. In general BDS and MDS are the two prime courses of this education. To be a dental surgeon you need to be a student of PCB group in senior secondary. In India about 300 dental colleges providing dental education but in between them only some colleges are providing MDS courses. By this article way 2 career consulting services private limited is trying to give some information about MDS colleges which will help you in your MDS admission 2013.

It is a well known fact that southern part of our country leading in the medical education of India. So we are mainly focusing on those dental colleges in India located in southern part. Narayana Dental College & Hospital (Nellore) is one of the oldest dental colleges is providing almost all the specializations of MDS study. Sri Sai College of Dental Surgery and Hospital (AP) is offering MDS specializations in Prosthodontics, Peridontics, Orthodontics, Oral Pathology, Oral medicine, Oral & Maxillo Facial Surgery. Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College & Hospital (Mumbai) is providing specialization in almost all of the specializations in MDS. In Bangalore D. A. Pandu Memorial R. V. Dental College, Raja Rajeswari Dental College & Hospital and Vokkaligara Sangha Dental College and Hospital are offering master in dental surgery in 7 most popular disciplines.

Some other medical schools in NCR region or nearby cities are ITS Dental College (Greater Noida and Mirad nagar), DJ Dental College (Modinagar), Rama Dental College (Kanpur) and KD Dental College (Mathura) are providing more than one specializations in MDS. From 2013 all dental college admission will only be regulated by NEET exam.

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